Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Praise of Metro Parks

I have lived in this fine city since 1990, and have been a very-frequent visitor to our first and largest metro park (Fred G Bond Park at N 35.77848 and W -78.8289.)  It measures 310 acres in size, includes a small lake, system of hiking trails, and even an active beaver pond at its east end.  I took in a walk this morning led by the semi-official naturalist at the site who maintains a fine blog on his discoveries.  In about 2.5 hours we racked up 39 species and discovered one Great Horned Owl, two Barred Owls, and an adult Bald Eagle, not to mention both area kinglets, winter Wren, Ruddy Ducks, and others.  A good deal of our birding was done, properly, by ear, and we covered a good mix of habitats.  I must confess to being dazzled by what three guys with decent skills could come up with in this urban park setting.  And that wasn't even a full morning of work.  This one day made me appreciate these metro park treasures, especially this one.  And next time I'll be a good deal more attentive to what wonders it offers!

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