Monday, February 18, 2013

GBBC: Day Four

The Great Backyard Bird Count is at its end! -- at least for me.  And with 11 checks totalling 5.5 hours, I have a pretty decent representation of the property in winter.  I added two more species today (American Crow and Red Tailed Hawk) for a weekend total of 30.  The really eye popping numbers for the day came from those dang blasted Red Winged Blackbirds: 96(!) at the late Monday count.  That definitely means I am shutting down the feeders for a week or two. I am done with that mob of raucus, noisy characters.  In second place were 52 Pine Siskins (Sunday AM), and in third, 18 House Finches (Sunday AM).  In total, I spotted a minimum of 238 birds.  The only real suprise missing species would be Chipping Sparrows and Northern Mockingbirds, both fair regulars that I missed all 11 times.  Well, 30 is not bad for a suburban back lot.  I'll send off those counts this week.  It was a great time...looking forward to more in 2014!

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