Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time For an Exorcism

The data from the Great Backyard Bird Count didn't alert me to a problem.  They only demonstrated the problem was worse than I ever imagined.  Put it this way: of 238 birds I counted across the weekend, fully 70% were from just three species: Red Winged Blackbirds, Pine Siskins, and House Finches.  And I already knew that between 1# and 3# of seed were going out the door each day.  It is time for the craziness to end!  And thus, bird count behind me, I shut down the feeders.  Well, actually let them empty.  And empty they will stand for some time between one and three weeks to discourage the pests.  I would describe it even as an exorcism: the blackbirds have become the spawn of Satan in my eyes!  This is a risky strategy: there is the furry gray menace, who may start attacking quarters hitherto left alone.  And I may pick up where I left off if these birds maintain a patrol each day watching for a renewal of the handout.  But it must be done.  I can only guess how long this will take.  Wish me luck!

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